Diversity Travel

Most people don’t know what a Travel Management Company is, so Diversity’s brief was to create a brand that stood out and a website that explained the many facets of this TCM in a clear and concise way.

This involved a full-day workshop with their key team members to identify their objectives, create user-personas from research data and draw up a simplified site structure based around the value they can provide to their customers, rather than focusing on their basic service offering.


Diversity had an existing brand identity that needed a refresh, so we adopted the burnt orange colour used in their logo and developed that into a full graphic identity that could be used across all media to bring consistency to their marketing materials.

The new brand needed to resonate with their three target sectors: academic, humanitarian and corporate. This required something cultured with a slightly rough-edge.

We chose a strong, classical typeface, and offset it with a more playful script font. Other illustrations were produced and a full-icon suite created in the same style.

Smitten Script

Tiempos Headline Black

Karla Regular


The website was designed around a strong grid-system, allowing each page to be constructed in a modular fashion. Modules ensure consistency between pages, but also mean enough variation that pages maintain visual interest, and each piece of content can be presented optimally.

The user-experience was designed to ensure a smooth path through the site. Mobile navigation was designed to scale to the device without being overly reductive; it still allows easy access to any area, with no compromise from the full desktop version.