Monsieur Vuong

Monsieur Vuong is a Berlin-based Vietnamese street-food restaurant. The brief was to provide something visibly different from other restaurant websites: no online menus, as the food uses only the very freshest ingredients meaning each day the menu changes.

The space is warm and traditional, with modern aspects. A great place to enjoy great cuisine with friends.


We developed a number of potential brand identities for Monsieur Vuong, with the logotype utilising the Chinese characters for the name, an original form of Vietnamese writing. The styles began as clean, bold and extremely contemporary, evolving into a warmer style that mixes tradition and modernity which reflects the feel of the restaurant. We pulled in a traditional Saigon pattern and mixed in graffiti-style handwriting.

The challenge was to reflect the energy and buzz of dining in the restaurant, where covers can typically be turned around in 30-45 minutes, perfect for shoppers or tourists.